We read a book about natural healing and it began with the best disclaimer we have ever read.

        It is incredible to us that in this so-called enlightened era we have “politically correct speech.”  No longer free speech.  We must now put a disclaimer as a preface to our ideas, expressions and opinions.  Forbid the thought that some unsuspecting victim should be gullible enough to believe us and claim to be harmed by these ideas, thus ensuring a flood of lawsuits aimed at squashing all the rights of people like us from freely expressing their ideas.  So here goes:

        Before reading this website be sure to check with your physician, psychiatrist, therapist, your politicians, your priest, pastor, or rabbi and anyone else you feel is smarter than you and try to get permission to read and hopefully use the information herein.

        This website is simply our opinions and conclusions and therapists for the most part would disagree with us on the simplicity, safety, effectiveness and speed of our results.  We are not attempting to prescribe this as a medically approved therapeutic treatment.  Under the laws of the United States only a licensed medical doctor or officially licensed therapist can do so.

        Only you are responsible if you use the Right Left Technique without the blessing and sanction of the medical and legal professions.

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